This is a selection of aviation and naval related 3D work created with Newtek's Lightwave 3D, Vue, and Photoshop. They range from fantasy and science fiction subjects to actual historical subjects.

Mario merino touring airships

Touring Airships

Mario merino ironclx

Ironclads, 1879

Mario merino nowotny large

Air War over Germany, 1944.

Mario merino orbita 02

USS GRAU Starship

Mario merino steampunk 02

Steampunk Aeronef, inspired by the works of Jules Verne

Mario merino piston engine zenith 00

Strange Encounter, XF5U vs. Shinden

Mario merino messerschmitt 1112 02

Luftwaffe 1946

Mario merino red car

Retro Futuristic Exotic Car

Mario merino e mail banner